Posted by: Heather | March 17, 2010

The ‘Whole’ Truth and Nothing But the Truth

Matthew 6:11   Give us this day our daily bread.

There was a time when freshly baked bread was available in most every home.   Maybe some of you remember your mother or grandmother baking bread on a regular basis, and how wonderful the taste and aroma was.   Some time ago, I began making bread for our family.   I got out of it for awhile, but picked it back up diligently a few months ago.

Through much study and consideration, I became convinced of the value of freshly made whole wheat bread.  When I say ‘freshly made’, I mean wheat that I have ground myself to use for the flour.  I’ve been trying to make a transition (slow as it may be) toward my family eating much more whole food, as opposed to processed food.  Often, we don’t give a lot of thought to why we eat what we do, or why it might make a difference.  We also tend to think that if we’re eating something that’s good for us, it must not taste very good.   But, after much trial and error with the recipe, I would stand my bread up against any.  I’ve met nobody, even those that hate whole wheat, that didn’t like the bread I bake.   (Well, with the exception of one person that refused to taste it because it was whole wheat…)  I’m not saying it to brag.  The Lord knows I spent enough time trying to get that recipe right, and with His help, I did.  🙂

One reason I began to feel the need to make these changes is that as I studied, I began to realize what harm too much processed food can cause to the body.  I learned one fundamental truth that stuck with me.  When God created foods to fuel our bodies, each food has what it needs to digest itself properly.  For example, eggs were made the villain for a long time, because of the amount of cholesterol in them.  But, if an egg is eaten in its whole form (white and yolk not divided), the lecithin in the white of the egg is sufficient to digest the cholesterol in the yolk.  When a food is refined, it has many components stripped away to make the final product better for our taste buds, and to make the finished product much prettier.  An example of this is refined sugar.  Refined sugar doesn’t have everything it needs to digest itself, so it begins to pull what it needs from the body.   This wouldn’t hurt on occasion, but when it happens consistently over time, deficiencies are produced that can lead to disease.

Jesus compares Himself to bread in the Bible, as He is called the ‘bread of life’.  In Him, there is nothing stripped away, watered down, or processed about it.  Jesus, the Word of God made flesh, is truth in its whole, pure form.  As humans, at times we like to ‘pick and choose’ what parts of the Word we want to take, and which we want to leave.  But, if we do that too long, spiritual deficiency will result.  As children, we have full access to the blessings of God.  But, we also must be corrected and chastised to learn how to use those blessings correctly and be effective for His kingdom.  You don’t get the blessing without the correction.  It’s all part of the ‘whole’ picture.

I heard it said once that truth can be represented as a huge boulder.  If that boulder was dropped, it would shatter into countless pieces.   Then, we have the tendency to pick up one shattered piece of the rock and proclaim, “I have the rock!  I have the truth!”, when in fact we only have one piece of the rock.   There are so many truths contained within the pages of God’s Word that we have yet to find.  It’s like going on a hunt for gold…every so often, you find a little nugget you’ve never seen before, even though you’ve looked in that one place a hundred times.  We will never have the whole picture until we reach heaven.  Until then, we’re mining for pieces of gold to add to our truth collection.  We strive to obtain the whole rock in our life on earth, but we can never know everything about Him until we see Him face to face.

Food is one of those things that we have to take daily to get nourishment from it.   We need our ‘daily bread’, both spiritually and physically to fuel ourselves, and continue to run the race.  Without it, weakness results, and problems become very overwhelming at times when they shouldn’t be.

To get the whole truth, we have to take the whole Word.  The awesome promises help us to digest the things that seem a bit harder to swallow.  But, having the whole is necessary for true spiritual growth and nourishment.  Otherwise, we go through life being halfway fed, instead of wholly fed.   We can be weak and sickly or strong and healthy.  We get to make the choice.

God bless you!


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