Posted by: Heather | April 5, 2010

Unleashing Your Passion for Christ

Colossians 3:23  And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;

What is your passion?  You know, the thing you can’t live without doing…the thing that drives you day in and day out, and keeps life beautiful for you?  God has placed in all of us a passion for something…something that we can use to contribute to the greater good.

I watched the Easter drama at our church last night, and saw many young people demonstrating their passion for Christ in the arts.  It was a beautiful thing.  I enjoyed watching them sign, sing, and act for the glory of God.  However, there was one participant in that drama that I am very well acquainted with.  OK, there’s more than one, since 4 of my 5 children participated.  All of my children have multiple talents and are very blessed in different areas.   However, my teenage daughter shines when it comes to drama.

We knew just about from the moment of her birth that life was about to get interesting.  She has always been our ‘drama queen’.  She’s vivacious, fun loving, and just plain loud!  I took her to the doctor when she was 5 or 6, certain that she must have some kind of hearing problem.  Her voice was so loud all the time.  She was tested, and the doctor gave me the news:  “There’s not a thing wrong with her…she’s just loud!”  She always has been.

There is also nothing normal with her.  Everything is just a bit of a production…well, sometimes a big production.  I’ve often had to pray about how to handle her, because she is so unlike me.  I tend to be quiet (at least until you know me), and very timid.  She’s very extroverted and full of life.

We knew from a very young age, singing was something she would do.  She started singing at 2 years old, and sang publicly for the first time at the age of 3.  I don’t just mean a little child getting up there doing the best they can, although that’s so wonderful to see children giving glory to God.  Her music teacher said she had as perfect pitch as she’d ever seen at that early age.  It was no doubt a gift.  Now at 14, she has a voice well beyond her years.  It’s just something God has gifted her with.

As she began to get a little older, and we saw the giftings she has (singing, acting, drama, etc), many very well-meaning people began to advise me to steer her away from the things she loved the most.  “That’s not an avenue you want her to pursue, because there’s so much evil in that lifestyle”, I was told.  And, for awhile, I thought they were probably right.  So, I tried to avoid anything ‘acting’ outside of the church setting.

But, some time ago, the Lord began to deal with me.  The passion she carries for the arts was placed in her heart by God.  It was not mine to deal with as I pleased…to steer her away from.  My job as a parent is to seek the Lord to determine what outlets are wholesome outlets for her to share her gift, and give her what she needs to make sound judgments as she gets older.  The choice is ultimately hers.  But I, like every other parent must help her, as much as lies within my power, learn to make good choices regarding the gifts God has given her.   Yes, there are many evil paths in the entertainment industry.  However, there is evil in any vocation.  Our mission as Christians is to avoid it.

Whatever the calling that God has placed inside of you, there is a purpose for it.  I Corinthians tells us that there are many gifts God gives to His people.  But, each gift, used in the right context, will contribute to the greater body of Christ, and to the worship of our God.   Every gifting has its place in the body of Christ.   Our diversity is what makes His body so beautiful.  Don’t think what you’re passionate about is a small thing.  If harnessed the way God instructs, it will be a powerful influence on those around you.  Those that have a true passion for something can communicate it in a way that nobody else can.    When you use the gift He has given you, it makes work like play, and contributes something far greater than you can imagine.   If you don’t know what your passion is, seek the Lord to find it.  When you know, use it for Him…not just in the church, but in as much of life as possible.  In the Hebraic way of thinking, there is no division between the sacred and the secular.  All of life is an act of worship.  How will you worship God today?

Last night, I watched my daughter pour herself out into the role of Mary, as she dramatized the song ‘Alabaster Box’.  For her, it was the heart of worship.  Full of power and passion, this was her way to worship and glorify God.   I’ve known for some time she doesn’t worship the same way I do.   It was, without a doubt, a gift from her to God, and the passion she displayed for Him during that song was obvious.   During that 3-4 minutes, I witnessed what it’s like for her to give her gifting to the Lord.  I almost stopped breathing as I watched her kneel down at the feet of Jesus (played by my son) and wash his feet with her hair.  As she grows older, I pray she will continue to seek God’s guidance and use her gifting…not for the eyes of men, but for the eyes of God.

Place your gifting in the hands of God today…do it with all your heart as unto the Lord.   Then watch the ripple effect as God takes your gift and blesses mankind with His creation…you.



  1. OK I was there to watch all the kids perform they all did so great. However, I had to excuse myself and wash my face after her performance with the “Box” she put her heart and soul into this and I could “feel” it. I hope I get to continue to watch Charity and all the kids grow in their gifts thru the years. Thanks for inviting me!!! Love you all.

    • Thanks, Annette! We’re so glad you got to come. Love you too!

  2. Thanks Mom i love you=))))

    • I love you too, honey!

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