Posted by: Heather | April 25, 2010

Got saved or getting saved?

Acts 2:38  Then Peter said unto them, Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

In the 2nd chapter of Acts, the day of Pentecost had come, and the Holy Ghost was poured out in Jerusalem.  The 120 that had been in the upper room for 10 days received the gift promised to them before Jesus ascended into heaven…the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Fire that resembled tongues came down from heaven, and set upon each person present in the upper room that day.  They all began to speak in languages  with which they were not familiar.  Because it was a feast day, Jews had come to Jerusalem from other lands to celebrate.  As the 120 spoke with other tongues, they were speaking the native languages of those that had gathered for the feast.  In amazement, they listened to them declare the wonderful works of God in their own languages.  How amazing that must have been!!

As people began to wonder what was going on, Peter began to preach.  The message was powerful.  He preached about Jesus, crucified and risen again.  The people in attendance became convicted, and asked Peter what they had to do.  The answer is written in Acts 2:38…they must repent and be baptized.  Then they would become recipients of the Holy Ghost.

I was recently pondering this scripture and realizing that often, we as children of God take His Word, and try to make everything work according to formulas.  For instance, we think if we ‘walk the aisle’, that decision makes us saved.  Or by other standards, if we just go through the 1,2,3 process of receiving salvation, that’s all we need.  Certainly, making that first step is extremely important.  Without that initial decision, we would never begin our walk with the Lord.  However, there is so much more beyond that.  That is only the first step.

Salvation is a journey.  We begin the journey by making the initial decision.  As I continued to think about this, I began to wonder if there’s more to it than I originally thought.  As the Lord began to deal with me about this scripture, I started to realize that salvation is not a one-time decision, but a process.  We hear people talk about how they ‘got saved’ 30 years ago.  That’s wonderful, but where are you today?

My feelings were confirmed by a mentor of mine who also happens to be a Hebrew scholar.  I was asking him about this passage this week.  What he told me fascinated me, as it matched exactly what I felt the Lord was showing me.  He said in English, we deal with past, present, and future tense.  In Hebrew and Greek, there is a tense that English cannot duplicate.  It is an ongoing tense…something that continues to happen all throughout life.  This passage of scripture actually uses the ongoing tense in the original language.   It is truly saying that in order to be saved, we go through a continual process of repentance, baptism, and receiving the Spirit.  It is not a one time event…it is a process that continually happens in our lives.  In effect, we are not one-time ‘saved’, but we are continually ‘getting saved’.  Every time we blow it, which we often do, repentance is the key to getting our lives right with God, and continuing our relationship with Him.

In the Old Testament, anything that would be set apart to be used by a Jew was put through the mikveh (baptism).  It was ceremonially cleansed so it was fit to be used.  For Jesus to use us, we must be cleansed.  Our initial baptism is a sign of that cleansing.  However, we’re also washed by His Word daily.  This is what makes us fit to be used by God for His kingdom.  Not only that, the item to be used was cleansed with water, but if it was able, it was also put through the fire.  The Holy Spirit baptism is likened to fire, and continues the cleansing process in our lives.

We must crucify our flesh daily, and learn to walk in the Spirit.  One mistake or sin does not define you.  What defines a child of God is being willing to get back up, and start again through repentance, baptism, and receiving the Holy Spirit.  It is this daily cleansing that helps us say, as I recently heard in a song, “Savior, Please keep saving me.”  Don’t be content that you ‘got saved’.  Continue with God, and continue ‘getting saved’ until the day you go home to be with Him!

God bless you today!



  1. A Prayer…

    Thank you Father GOD for my dear Sister In Christ, Heather, and for guiding her teachings and heart to share with all of us!
    I am blessed to say that I have known her and I lift her up to you Lord. Please continue this wonderful work you are doing through her.

    In Jesus Holy Name I Pray…AMEN

    • Sandy, thanks so much! God bless you!!

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