Posted by: Heather | August 2, 2011

Woman, Thou Art…Bound???

woman thou art bound

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Psalm 147:3  He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.

No, this post is not just for women.  But, it seemed a thought-provoking title, and maybe one that would make you wonder what in the world must be on my mind, since it so obviously goes against the grain of what you usually see at the end of that phrase.

We often think of being bound as a bad thing, and rightly so.  In context, sometimes it does have a bad connotation.  After all, don’t we really want to be loosed from what bothers us?  But, the topic on my heart tonight is dealing with the hurts that seem to plague us, and why it’s a good thing to be bound…at least for a season.

I’ve been thinking about this subject for the last week or so, and knew I would soon write about it.  Tonight I was prodded to do it as I was looking at the news feed on my Facebook page.  I read a blog post done by a classmate of mine, who is now the pastor of a church.  He spoke of God giving him the ability to forgive a hurt he suffered at the hands of another classmate over 30 years ago.  He stated how we often carry those hurts for many years, even if we manage to shut out the memories for a long time.  It is this former classmate’s post that confirmed the need for this message to be written.

To be broken-hearted is a terrible thing.  The Hebrew word for broken, ‘shabar’, speaks of something so broken that it would be nearly impossible to put it back together again.   In the context of this passage, the Bible speaks of one who is wounded, almost beyond repair.  It is also used in various places to describe the destruction of idols.  When something is broken this badly, it is often not meant to be put back together the way it originally was.

We live in a fallen world, and broken relationships are very common.  When I think of broken relationships, usually I think of a divorce or a situation where someone is estranged from another they once loved, whether it be a friend, family member, etc.  But, it covers much more than that.  A relationship can be broken by death, or even by disease or mental illness.  I often speak with people whose lives have been marred by spiritual abuse.  This is a very real problem, and causes wounds that usually take many years, and sometimes a lifetime, to recover from.  Sometimes we suffer hurts at the hands of others that are so deep, the pain is indescribable.   When the pain is so intense, we often feel so far from God, and doubt our ability to reach Him for the help we desperately need to mend our broken heart.

Being heartbroken is also the deep sense of betrayal we sometimes feel when a relationship has gone wrong.  We don’t want to feel that way, and we try our best to forgive.  But, if we happen to run into that person, that past hurt begins to rise up in us, and we realize maybe we weren’t as ‘over it’ as we originally thought.  We may even seek the LORD, and ask to be free from it, even thinking at times we’ve been instantly delivered, only to find out later we still harbor hurt we didn’t realize.

The mentality of our society leads us to believe if we just put a band-aid on top of it, everything will be OK, and we’ll get over it someday.  But eventually we find out a band-aid only does what a band-aid does best…serves as a cover so the wound won’t be seen by anyone.

My mother-in-law has been a patient of our local wound care center for quite a few years.  I often joke with them that they’ll be able to give me a job one day, because I’ve gained so much experience in wound care.  Over time, there’s one thing I’ve learned.  If someone has a deep physical wound, it can’t simply be covered and left on its own.  A deep wound must heal from the inside out.  When a scab forms over a deep wound, they will regularly pull it off, clean out the wound, and cover it again to allow it to heal more.  If the scab is not removed regularly, infection begins to build underneath, and will cause all kinds of internal problems if left untreated.

This is exactly how we function when we’re hurt, and how the LORD heals us of our deep sufferings.  It’s a daily, often painful and time-consuming process.  In order to heal properly, we must heal from the inside out.  So often, we put our ‘band aids’ and happy faces on and go about our lives, giving no indication of the deep pain inside.  But as we continue to cover it, it simply festers and grows into a greater problem than it was before.

In Luke 10, we see the account of the good Samaritan.  He poured in both oil and wine to aid healing, and then bound the wounds of the injured man.  Oil and wine…representing the Holy Spirit, going to work inside the deep places to clean and heal.

We become healed when we allow Jesus to apply the Holy Spirit, and ‘bind up’ the wounds that cause us so much pain.  Yes, it’s so uncomfortable and even painful to have that ‘top layer’ removed all the time, exposing the raw emotion underneath.  But if we allow Him to work in our lives daily cleaning out that wound, over time it will become less and less painful as the healing progresses.  Then when the healing is complete, there is nothing left underneath the surface to deal with later.

Why carry hurts around?  God knows when it’s taken up residence in our heart, and so do we.  Refusing to deal with it only hinders our growth.  He knows everything we feel anyway, so why not give it to Him?  He is an expert ‘binder’.  Maybe it was never meant for your heart to be put back together the same way it was originally.  With the trial comes strength and endurance that will outlast the suffering.

There will eventually come a time when the healing is complete, and that painful season will be over.  Then and only then can we be loosed to fly again.  Being bound is not always a bad thing.  Rest in the care of the One who is the expert wound healer.

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  1. the broken relationship I have is with my daughter, who was killed in a car accident 3 years ago. As i have lived each day since then, I feel like the me I was before is gone…but that has not been a good thing for me, or a process of recovery, as much as I long for that, I am overwhelmed by missing my daughter, and feeling empty, lonely and bitter. When I see what this has done to my son, I pray for a miracle, for that is what it will be if his life turns out happy and healthy, for he carries so much pain. What do you think the process of letting go of this brokenness and hurt is?

    • MPC,

      I am so sorry to hear about the tragic loss of your daughter. Losing someone you love is so hard. I have also lost a daughter, but mine was a newborn baby. I imagine the pain of losing a child you’ve had with you for much longer would be harder.

      I’m certainly not a grief expert, other than my own personal journey. Everyone is so different, and I don’t know that there’s a set process of letting go of the hurt. Although I will say that in my own personal life, I had always felt it was wrong for me to question God or ‘be mad’ at Him. I spent a long time refusing to admit to myself that I was angry with Him for allowing my baby to die. It took awhile, but one day I finally realized that He already knew I was mad, so why couldn’t I just admit it to Him? It was hard for me, but I did it, and from then on, I just went to Him with everything I felt. I can truly remember that first day being a turning point for me in my grief. I’m not saying it works that way for everyone, but it did for me. It took awhile for me to really feel like I was letting it go, but it finally happened. You will never get over her death completely, but by God’s grace and healing, you can move forward and one day remember her without all of the pain.

      I would also recommend that you try to find a local grief support group. I don’t know how old your son is, but he also needs someone to talk to if he will. It’s very important that you find someone you can discuss your feelings with, and a support group is a good place to meet others that may have gone through a situation similar to yours. They can share strategies you can use to help you move forward. Many churches offer the Grief Share programs. They should also be able to refer you to other resources that can help you as well.

      I pray you find peace and comfort for your aching heart. God loves you and won’t leave you, but it does take time to get through the pain you’re feeling. Run toward Him with all you have.

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  3. This is really important. I shared it on my FaceBook wall. 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I’m so happy to hear it blessed you. I appreciate the share!

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  5. Healing is a process. It can be long. It can be painful. The best healing is the kind that goes as deep as the wounding. It is hard to do…but so worth it.

    • onesurvivor, you are absolutely right. I think sometimes we really try to ignore our pain, thinking it will get better over time. But, in reality, it doesn’t get better without going through that process. I believe God certainly can heal emotional pain instantly, and probably does in some cases. But, if we never have to go through the process of healing, then we have no reason to trust Him either.

      Thanks for your comment, and for the share. I appreciate it so much!

  6. Heather, this is so good…. thank you for sharing. Really touched me tonight as I read it. Love you!

    • Thanks Joni! I love you too!

  7. Thank you Heather! God is talking to me through you with your message ! This one hits me right in the face…and I needed it. Sending you a HUG and thanks for being a Sister in Christ!

    • Thanks to YOU for letting me know God is speaking to you through what He’s given me. It is an honor to be used by Him in that capacity. Hang in there sister! 🙂

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