About PLM

My name is Heather Hampton.  I was born in Ohio and lived there until my family was transferred ‘down south’ when I was 3 years old.  I was raised in the Bible belt of the Eastern US, and now live here with my wonderful husband of 20 years.  We are the proud parents of 6 children…5 who live with us (3 boys and 2 girls) who range in age from 18-6, and one daughter who is waiting for us in heaven.  We are a homeschooling family, which blesses us with much time together and many opportunities to learn patience with one another.  Participating actively in our church and spending time with family and friends are things we enjoy together.

I have a great passion for the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith.  Studying Hebrew language and culture have brought the Word of God alive in my life.  Sharing what I’ve learned as the Lord leads through writing and teaching brings me great pleasure, and I pray wholeheartedly that I can convey that excitement to my readers and listeners.  It’s one of my greatest desires to help others find the same passion for our Savior that He has given, and continues to give me.

I have found in my lifetime that our greatest struggles usually turn out to be the vehicle God will use for our ministry.  Being overweight has been a lifetime struggle of mine.  The Lord began to work on me a few years ago, giving me an intense interest in what the Bible says about nutrition, as well as how our spirit, soul, and body work together.  Since I am one who also enjoys cooking, creating new recipes that are healthy and appealing to my family also became one of my main goals.  Unfortunately, for many of these years, I failed to apply all I had learned.  My flesh found it easier not to change.  Every time I would hear of someone becoming ill, I began to wonder if I really could make a difference in someone’s life besides my own.  I felt heartbreak in knowing I was called to minister, but wasn’t fulfilling that which God had placed in my heart.

In the past months, as the Lord continues to patiently work on me, I have incorporated many of the principles I’ve learned.  As a result, I have begun to see many positive health changes in me and my family, including weight loss, increased energy, less pain, skin problems vanished, and blood sugar come under control.  The Lord reminded me that He already called me long ago to minister to others in the same predicament I’ve been in, and I am doing my best to follow Him in this endeavor.   It’s a daily walk as I allow Him to transform my thoughts and habits, but I take the journey one day at a time.  Although it’s been a slow process on my end, I feel I have much to share.

In response to His call, Promised Land Ministries was launched in February 2010.  It is my attempt to bless others by sharing whatever the Lord puts on my heart.  My desire is to encourage others in their walk with the Lord, as well as share what He shows me about being better stewards of our bodies.  This ministry includes Bible studies, devotions, and recipes that I pray will help bring about a better quality of life for those that read it.

I truly believe we can have better health for ourselves and our families by leaving ‘Egypt’ (the world’s way of doing things), and taking the journey to the ‘Promised Land’!



  1. Hi! My name is Michele. Lately our God has been laying Israel as well as the Hebraic roots of our Christian faith on my heart…to the point where I can’t get enough of it. I stumbled across your site (although I do believe that God directs our steps) and can’t read fast enough HAHAHAH I am so thankful to our loving God who has given you the gift to share what you are learning.
    I left an extremely abusive marriage and we have just finished with the trial as my husband was charged with hurting our daughter. I was raised Catholic and totally felt abandoned by my “church family” as all this was going on. When I needed them the most we became numbers not family. This is all new to me and in our community there is no support at all in learning the Hebraic roots…may I ask where you started? What Bible do you use? Are there specific Bible Studies you refer to?
    I pray you have a very blessed evening. Thank you for all you share 🙂
    Love, Chelle

    • Hi Michele!

      I am emailing you via the email address you provided. Thanks for your kind words!

  2. I haven’t ground my own wheat, but just making whole wheat bread in general is always heavy-I mean that’s the way mine turns out. I’d love to try yours. Maybe you could teach some of us???

    • I’d love to do a class, if you have some people interested. Otherwise, you’re more than welcome to come to the house when I’m making it sometime. It’s not hard at all. Love, Heather

  3. What a wonderful picture of your family. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. God blesses you with words to share.

    2 of your posts in particular HIT ME!! As we are preparing for Brian to get a kidney transplant, there are areas MY mind is preoccupied with. Thank you for your encouragement through your words.

    I’ve shared your site with 2 others.


    • Thank you Glenda! I’m glad you were blessed, and I appreciate you sharing my site with others! 🙂 I had no idea Brian was preparing to have a transplant. We will pray for him and your whole family.

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